Using this system, you can download payrolls from commercial payroll systems with a couple of mouse clicks. You can automatically edit for any error and display the error with an explanation similar to "spell check". Explain the remedy with a mouse click. If the remedy is confusing, a client can email or phone eMars for a response in 20 minutes. eMars has over 20 reports dealing with all submitted data on a payroll, report on apprentice-to-journeyman ratios, report on zip codes, ethnicity, gender etc.

Core Competencies

  • Create Error Free Certified Payrolls
  • Wage Determination Maintenance
  • Document Storage
  • Reduce Time Managing Weekly Payroll
  • Finds Errors and Alerts User
  • Prompt Customer Support


Ease of use, limitless number of employees on a single payroll, rapid customer response, data retention of 7 years, support of subcontractors, 20 canned reports, simplicity in pricing, Encrypted Data, DOL Approved

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